18th National Sanitation Week

As we approach the final year of the ODF Campaign of Nepal, our total sanitation coverage has reached 90.6 % . But still there remains some distance to travel to reach our ultimate goal of 100 % sanitation coverage in Nepal. The movement is strongly carried on in all the districts and soon we shall achieve our goal.

Plus the 18th National Sanitation Week is at our doorsteps. The week starts on 5th June, 2017 and ends on 11th June, 2017. And by the decision of the meeting of the task force of NSHCC, held on 23rd May, 2017 at Environmental Sanitaiton Section of Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, the slogan for this year is as follows:

"खुला दिसा मुक्त गर्नु छ - २०१७ भित्र 

सक्षम र जिम्मेवार छ - हाम्रो नेत‌ृत्व"

 The week will be celebrated with innovative activities that shall help us cover the remaining percentage.